Spotting at Toulouse! (Updated photos!) 12/12/19

Hello everyone!

So after my flight, I though instead of taking pictures of my flight, why don’t I do a spotting topic for once? So I did! These photos were all taken at random times, Here it is, and enjoy!

Me arriving from EDDF (Lufthansa A359)

An A350 Arriving from Munich (Lufthansa A359)

@Scott.Cooper waiting at the stand (Lufthansa A320)

Air France A359 taxiing to parking

A350 battling against the 20 knot crosswinds! (Qatar Airways A359)

Another A350 holding short of runway 22L heading to Basel (Carbon A359)

I think this was @Moritz taxiing with the new reworked C172

C208 waiting at stand

Well thats it for now folks. Thanks for looking!

Should I do another one of these spotting topics?

  • Yes
  • No

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And as always, until now and the next time see you around, or in the skies!


Amazing photos! I love spotting topics! Keep it up!


thanks for the spot, about to fly to Munich once ATC come online again.

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All of them is 👍 but A350s is my favorite

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Hey everyone, I’ve edited all of the photos now! Check the new edited versions out!

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Nope 👎🏼 also I would have asked someone to ghost you for flying the 350 from Frankfurt so another clear sign it wasn’t me 😜


Woah woah woah, slow your role. It was for a Service flight 😏

I like the clouds, specially the first one.

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