Spotting at TNCM

Virtual Spotting @ TNCM

Server: Expert
Time: 21 Minutes

Alright, so I saw that TNCM was pretty busy and I decided to Virtually plane spot and share my photos with you guys. This is my first time posting a virtual spotting topic, so feel free to give me any advice. Thanks

American Airlines 787 as our first departure of the day

Very busy. I think people should fly at TNCM more often

Cessna 172 and 208 Taking off/Landing, glad to see more general aviation

Aaaand, finishing it off with a 737-citation (:
Thanks, which photo was your favorite? 🧐


Aw man this was yesterday haha. I remember this happening. Yeah this wasn’t the funnest thing I had to deal that day xD. But hey I’m glad you got the spot that day! Hope you enjoyed all the traffic :).


Ooooooo nice shots!

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Haha, I felt so bad for you, there was so much traffic, I remember at least 3 go arounds 😂

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Haha it wasn’t so bad. I’ve had worse sessions where I’ve HAD to give violations but we don’t talk about that :P. I had maybe 2 because of people not on time but it’s oki still had fun ^_^. Glad you go to spot with me at ATC.


The entire IFATC team is having post traumatic stress flashbacks to when TNCM was first introduced as 3D. 😅

Beautiful shots!

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I saw the large aircrafts here on dangerous airports, but I still like this screenshots here.

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Actually, believe it or not, large aircraft do fly in to St Maarten,theres a famous landing where a KLM 747 landed really low over the beach