Spotting at TNCM | IF Edition

Hello Community!
Couple days ago I visited TNCM for some spotting. I got to say some photos were very good and the landings and takeoffs were great, one pilot kind of messed up the landing but it’s just IF. Hope you like these photos and enjoy the descriptions!

The KLM Boeing 777 arriving from Schiphol!

American A321 landing from JFK!

Here’s a rare one! United 767 holding short before departure to Dulles.

The Air Caraibes 208 arriving from St Kitts!

An American 737-800 taxiing to the runway then departing off to Miami!

A former AirTran 717-200 which is now used by PAWA Dominicana back taxiing on the runway!

Delta 767 from New York!

TUI Fly 787-8 arriving from De Gaulle!

Oh Yes and this one! Due to the same problem as KLM, (not enough passengers travelling) the aircraft was changed to a 2x weekly 777.

Here’s a WestJet pilot eating the airport fence.

And lastly a United 737-800 going around, arriving from Newark!

You have reached the end
P.S | Every description is not based on real life flights or schedules.

P.P.S | I left the category as General as the Spotting category is for Real World photos!


Beautiful job!!! I love how you incorporated PAWA as AirTran


Nice pics, maybe they could go here instead?


Was this on live or solo?

Awesome shots! Thanks alot for sharing it to us 😊✈


Some of them were live and some from a while ago on solo…

Oh, ok then. Just wondering.

Nice pictures, was this on the expert server?

Is this where we can post our pictures of spotting in Live at St. Maartin? I would love that!!!

If this is just you showing your pics then :( but if I can post my own than :D

This topic will become much more interesting with global, since they would actually arrive from around the world!

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When will you do it again? If so please let me know

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