Spotting at the westernmost airport in Indonesia

For years, I never thought that I will have chance to visit Weh Island. But ironically, it’s just two hours hop by ferry from Banda Aceh, the city that I live in. And finally, on 14 September 2018 I stepped my foot in Sabang.

Two days later, as I have spare time being 5D4N there, I bring myself to Maimun Saleh Airport (IATA: SBG, ICAO: WIAB), a dual civil-military airport located 5.5 km southeast of Sabang city center.

As usual, when I arrived at the airport for spotting, I always checked Flightradar24 to track flight that arrived or departed from there. At first, I thought I will get the Garuda Indonesia’s ATR 72-600 which it coming from Medan. But, someone told me that they cancelled the flight. My God, I’m so heartbroken when heard that.

And then after some times waiting, here comes the thing that I always dreamed.

Finally, the Wings Air’s ATR 72-600 (reg. PK-WJJ) arrived from Medan as IW1234 although they had 1 hour delay.

I’m really excited for seeing her!

Here’s another pics:

Turning right before complete stop

Finally, a complete stop

After 25 minutes turnaround, she’s begin taxi to runway 28 before leaving for Medan as IW1235.

And, that’s it. My goal for spotting at the westernmost airport in Indonesia is finally accomplished. Yeehaa 💪💪💪

But then, a few months later, I heard something that really caught me off guard. It all comes when my pic is used by Discover Sabang’s Instagram account (@discoversabang; as they tagged my @redvelvetspotter5 account) for the news that said they stopped to served the Medan–Sabang route, cited they never mostly arrived on time as what they have scheduled before. Wow, never thought something like that… 🤔🤔🤔


Great shots! Just dropped you a follow on Instagram!

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Thanks a lot, bro!

Awesome pictures, I wish we had ATRs in IF, but it’s okay 😪. Nice job!

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Thanks a lot!

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