Spotting at the International Air Show Radom 2018 (August 25, 2018)

Hi everyone,
so on August 25, I was at Air Show Radom 2018 and I will show my photos my pictures are not of the best quality because I did them on the phone (Xiaomi Mi A1) The event was at the airport in Radom (Radom Sadkow). In this event not only were the air shows, but also a static exhibition.

F-16BM Fighting Falcon

C-27J Spartan

C-130H Hercules


E-3A Awacs


Patrouille Suisse

F-16 Fighting Falcon in the air

Have a lot more pictures than this.(I chose the best). Thee air show was amazing, highly recommended. Thank you for reading this thread!


They really look awesome. But I am afraid you have to choose only 10 of them.

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OK. I will change it

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