Spotting at the Dulles International Terminal

These pictures were taken by my mom back in 2019 by my mom during a connection she had in Washington Dulles Airport. These are a mix of both taken from the airplane and the terminal gate area.

Let’s start out small and get bigger along the way with this Avianca Airbus A320 at gate B50. (Taken from the airplane)

The next airplane is a Virgin Atlantic A330-300 getting ready to go to London. (Taken from the airplane)

Another A330 but this time it is SAS getting ready to fly off to it’s next destination. (Taken from the airplane)

Then we move onto Boeing’s most iconic airplanes in one of the most iconic liveries of the aircraft here it Speedbird 747-400 getting ready for a departure off to London Heathrow. (Taken from the airplane)
Last but not least is the Airbus A380 from Air France that is getting ready to head off to the city of Paris France. (Picture 1. Taken from the airplane. Picture 2. Taken from the gate.)

Thank you for looking at these pictures my mom took on her layover in Washington DC Dulles Airport.
Have a wonderful day or night!


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Cool pictures!


When almost every plane in this topic is retired



It’s really devastating what COVID has done to aviation in such a short time.

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Many of people lost Vacation time on those aircrafts due to COVID

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@Altaria55 @Altaria55, look at this Avianca


Sad to see the two of the most iconic heavies go…
Very nice pictures aswell🔥

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Then why are you posting this topic? Just kidding lol. 😛

Really cool to see so many planes that have sadly been retired. Nice photos even though they’re not yours!

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Very nice!

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Thank you!

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This topic brings back memories, saw the big old AF A380 in early 2020 in Mexico City bound to Paris a beauty of a plane.

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RIP AF380 BA747 Goodbye!

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Love those shots! Have to ask, why the tail of that A380 (Air France) turned a bit to the left? Noticed that almost in every parked aircraft.

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I’m not sure why ether it’s interesting though.

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God I remember going out to long Island and JFK was doing 31L landings and seeing a Air France A380 fly by, the sounds, the veiw it was awesome, great pics lad

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It was pretty cool to see a plane that big. Pictures do no show the true size of the plane.

I agree, I arrived at JFK to catch a flight with Lufthansa A340 to Munich and while walking i saw the Tail of a Air France A380 ITA MASSIVE

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