Spotting at the Aeronautical Museum of Belgrade! 03/01/20

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Welcome to my first spotting topic in ages.

A few days ago, I had the chance to go the aeronautical museum of Belgrade with my uncle! (Who used to be an aircraft engineer and loves aviation) but unfortunately we had horrible weather. A thick fog had dropped with visibility less than 100meters and CAT III landings required at LYBE, accompanied by -3 with freezing winds. In general, it wasn’t the ideal weather for spotting, needing a lot of editing and fixing. We had a great time at the museum itself, looking through the history of Yugoslavia’s aviation, and so much more. I had taken many photos indoors, but I made this topic for the outdoor aircraft specifically.

Camera used: Sony a6300

(Please note that I can’t find the registration for some of these aircraft)

So without further ado, let’s get to the photos!

1. JAT Airways YU-AHB Caravelle. (57 years old)

2. Yugoslavia Air Force Mig-21, 26105. (Unknown age)

3.Yugoslavia Air Force Junkers Ju-52, 7208 (Unknown Age)

4. Yugoslavia Air Force DC-3, 71214 (76 years old)

5. Yugoslav Air Force DC-3 (Cant find the Reg, if anyone can thank you very much)

6. Yugoslav Air force Ilyushin IL-14S, 71301 (Age unknown)

After these, it had started to get really cold, and I had to go.

I hope you like my pictures, and as always, see you around or in the skies!

Please do not use my photos without my permission!


These are really nice shots. Weather looks freezing. Fair play to ye, I wouldn’t be able to stick the cold😂😂


Oh, my hands were freezing! Thats why some of them are blurry, as I couldn’t hold the camera well 😂 Thanks!

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Hey, if anyone is able to help me with something regarding JetPhotos ( I want to upload them but I have an issue) I would appreciate it!

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this is great altho would love to see the interiors.

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Unfortunately they do not allow to enter. :( I hear they’re doing some renovation on the Caravelle, so who knows, they might let us go inside! 🤷‍♂️

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Amazing aircraft! They all had very smooth landing I can tell because they’ve been going at 0vs for years

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Haha, I guess you can say that 😂 Thanks!

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Im really glad to see these planes, great pictures and interesting weather 🤨

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Interesting stuff! I like old aircraft 👍🏻
Sad to see them in such bad shape.
Looks more like a boneyard to me.
Anyway; Thanks for sharing!

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Thats true. If you look on google maps it really looks like a bone yard!


Hey at least they are stored in a proper place and are still in 1 piece. I wish my country had this kind of museum, unfortunately aviation museums are completely inexisent here

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Ye quite unfortunate there’s no hangers or anything for them. But ah well. They’re still there in pretty good condition considering the weather there going through!!

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Lovely photos. It’s really cool to see photos of aircraft from an Air Force which honestly I never knew used to exist 😂😁

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Those are cool pics, I love to see old planes in a museum!

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Thanks Armani! I do too!

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@AlphaSeven, you deserve two thumbs ups! 👍🏻👍🏻

I love these old planes, I hate to see them (slowly) rotting away outside. But anyhow, I love that weather in those photos. Fun fact: fog is one of my favorites. The Caravelle And the DC-3s are amazing, as well as the others, the IL-14 is also amazing. I don’t see many spotting topics of these old planes, you’ve done these perfectly. All I can say is, great job!

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Well thanks man! I appreciate it! Haven’t done spotting in a long time, so its good to be back!

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