Spotting at some 3D airports

Hey guys, so since we have 3D airports in the game now I decided to grab some screenshots to showcase them. Enjoy!


Server - solo
Airport - various

A British Airways A320 heading back home to LHR from Larnaca, Cyprus

Ground crew observe a Lufthansa A350 landing in Munich after they break someone’s valuable luggage.

African sun sets as an Ethiopian 777 touches down in Addis Ababa

Toncontin is scary

Bonus thing unrelated to topic which may or may not have happened me earlier

Nice one

Anyway thanks for viewing have an excellent day


Lol America is worse have u seen that clip of a United airlines pilot going insane

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Great photos sorry about your car


It was fine don’t worry

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I love the photos!

If I may, how did this happen?

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Wonder whats the damage

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Knowing ground crew probably a suitcase chopped in two 🤣 (jokes)

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smh hugh you were only at the wheel for 10 seconds

In seriousness though, great shots! Love the Ethiopian one with that gorgeous scenery in the background 🤤

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That’s a nice one

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Thank you!

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Cheers Charlie, yeah Addis Ababa is a really underrated airport

Thats a lot of damage

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Scam, no buildings, I want refund :LOL: but looked like butter landing tho

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All mine are 🤷‍♂️

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In the shot there were no buildings and since the topic was Spotting at 3d aiports, I assumed that there would be buildings. SO, as a Joke i said that it was a scam

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