Spotting At SMR Colombia-Santa Marta

I have just gotten back from a Trip to Colombia. During this trip I did not know I would be at a hotel with perfect plane spotting shots. I could walk to the airport and watch planes takeoff almost as close as Saint Martin. If you want to check at the hotel go to Marriot Santa Marta, the hotel is one of the best with Amazing staff, they even remember your name and food. Anyway it was nice to see some new Airlines to spot, Enjoy.
The photo’s where taken from the hotel Balcony or at the airport.
The Following Photo’s May Not Be Used Without Permission

Here’s How Close you can get to the runway, this is from my YT channel, I’ll be making a Colombia Trip video my Wednesday if your interested.

May Fav is photo 7!

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Thanks For Stopping By!


Back to back beacon shots! Impressive!

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What’s really amazing is I didn’t even time it or anything.

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Very cool pictures!

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Me: I like aviation
Possible friends:

Me: no not fighter jets I like airliners
Possible friends:

all jokes aside, these are amazing!


I don’t think it wants to be friends with you 😂


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Amazing photos!

I hope that you stay in Colombia had been great, as you say, In Colombia is so common to see those amazing spots to see aircrafts so near, around SKRG there are like a little mountains, and in those places Colombian spotters takes photos of every aircraft, check them on Instagram :)

Here at SKBO, as you can see in IF, the Airport is located literally inside the city, so, at every moment, it’s like music to your ears to hear a beautiful and noisy Boeing 727 (Yes, We still use them, check Cargo airlines like Aerosucre and Lineas Aereas Sudamericanas), and rarely there is a super noisy and amazing IAI Kfir (Our fighter plane)

Again, I hope that everything that Santa Marta gave to you had been great and wonderful, hope to see you soon here in Colombia!

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Thanks, but if I do go back to Colombia it will be to San Andress

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