Spotting at Skiathos, Greece

##Spotting at Skiathos Airport
I thought I would share some of my favourite photos from a visit to Skiathos airport in the summer

If anyone hasn’t been to Skiathos before, it must be the best spot for spotting in Europe for sure! - I have some fantastic videos, wish I could share.



Love the last photo of the pilots waving!😎🇦🇺


That looks like a tight turn. Great photos.


It was such a nice experience. You are unbelievably close to the runway, literally meters. All the flight crews were lovely and always waved! They would taxi down the runway directly towards you then turn sharp 360 to line up, literally meters from you. Incredible experience!


That sounds so nice! Wish I could be there!😎🇦🇺


Haha the last photo! That is awesome! I love the first photo, such an awesome angle!

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Thanks man!

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You went to Skiathos?
and didn’t take me?

Nice pictures and I am now officially jealous. Better than TNCM in many aspects.


It’s great. If I get chance I’ll post my best take over and landing videos later. They are exceptional!! I hope someone has made Skiathos ready for global!

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Mind you, the view I had from the Thistle hotel at LHR T5 was exceptional, the aircraft were right there in front of you with no obstructions - and more of them as well.

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