Spotting At SFO

So, here we are again.

Today marked my one year anniversary of live. I couldn’t have thought of a more better idea than to go planespotting. Since SFO is usually a hotspot and the fact it was featured, I knew plenty of planes would show up.

I only caught mostly A350s and other heavies. I didn’t capture narrow bodies (I had way too many), and they were boring.

Korean A388 up high.

Etihad 777 flown by @Amaar_Viqar (I think; plane had the callsign EYV001)

Emirates ( Emarites ) doing patterns.

This is where the fun begins.

Lufty boi rolling out.

The all-new United A359 flown by @Micah_Brazil

The other side of British commercial aviation.

A rare, never to be seen before: Turkish A350🎉

I’ll let you guess the airline.

We end our spotting session with the NZ 789.

I figured out how to make really bland plane textures not so bland. And believe me, it was worth it.

Wherever you are, have a nice day / night !


Wow those are incredible pictures I like the variety of airlines you have👍


But no cathay… :(

I’m kidding, those are very nice and realistic shots, angles make it seem like an actual spotting trip too!


I’ll take LATAM for $200.


Yep 😭

Nice pictures @Claudio!


I see you got my good side

Nice pics the editing is awesome


Hey @Claudio! Great camera work 👍

Thanks for the tag, spotting and great ATC. 😁 Yep I was doing a historic SFO-AUH route in my trusted Etihad 777.


@Claudio, not sure if you noticed this but another plane was taking off next to me, I looked back at the replay and got this:

What do you think?

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They’re too far away to get a decent parallel takeoff shot.

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Incredible photos! :)

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True, I think I might try to do a parallel shot on casual

That’s amazing

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