Spotting at SFO! (ITA A330NEO!)

Hello everyone, welcome back to by 750 millionth post about my spotting at SFO.

Today I have got quite a few great shots, including the rare ITA A330neo!

Hope you enjoy!

First off, a 4 in 1! An iconic sight at SFO.

Next up, an Air China 777-300ER landing from Beijing PEK.

One of the THREE Eva Air 777-300ER flights we get from Taipei! Yes you heard that right. THREE! I don’t know why they have so many, but I’m not complaining!

A Boeing E-6B Mercury flying over the airport at about 23,000 feet.

An Air France 777-300ER coming in from Paris CDG!

Virgin Atlantic’s A350-1000 coming in at the start of golden hour!

Asiana’s A350-900 from Seoul!

An American A319 passing over this ANA 777-300ER!

Zipair from Narita!

Frontier’s A321neo!

United’s MAX 9 in the continental livery! I am dreading the day when they paint these into the Evo Blue livery. I do like it, but I will definitely miss the gold swoosh on the bottom of these planes.

Tire smoke as this classic Lufthansa 747-8 touches down.

Fiji Airways recently started bringing their A350’s to SFO back in October, replacing the A330-200, but I haven’t really had a chance to snap a good photo of it. Finally, today was the day!

Aer Lingus A330-300 in the older livery!

Yet another one of the three Eva Air flights, this time in the Star Alliance livery!

Andddd finally. This is only the third time (that I know of, but I do check JetTip and Flightradar often) ITA Airways has brought their A330neo instead of their A350. I almost have to say it looks better on this aircraft than the A350! It’s gorgeous!

I would appreciate if you guys checked out my Instagram and TikTok! Thank you!

Hope you guys enjoyed! See you in the next SFO spotting post, whenever that is.


Great shots! Love the editing style, though I can’t help but notice the rather giant dust spot thats chillin on the left side of each photo lol


Really good pics (not counting the dust spot) but unfortunately the maximum numbers of pictures allowed is 10 and you currently have 16. I recommend you to remove the ones that isn’t the best to not have your topic closed

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Excellent photo!👏

I gave your Instagram account a follow!👋

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O MY GOSH!. All of my favorite liveries in one post!. The Fiji airways is the besy

These spots ruin 12 shots out of 16…

Yeah, you might want to take your camera to a camera shop to get the sensor cleaned don’t do it yourself I almost did it and it would’ve ruined my camera

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The only thing you generally need for sensor cleaning is a dust blower which is very easy to use and has almost no risk. Open up the mirror by going into the camera menu (if you’re using a dslr), flip your camera so that the sensor is pointing down and then blow air onto it using your blower. If your camera has a built in ultrasonic cleaner you should turn that on a couple times before blowing onto the sensor. This method should remove 90% of all the dust, only leaving behind tiny particles that are only visible at very small apertures. Brushes should be avoided for sensor cleaning and swabs should only be used if you have a lot of dust/smudges that cannot be removed using a dust blower.


thank you!!

thank you!

Second this. A rocket blower (do NOT used pressurized air or anything like that) will get off most of the dust. If you have stubborn pieces that stick on afterwards then maybe consider taking it to a shop depending on how bad it is.


Really enjoyed these, the lighting looked to be definitely in your favor. My favorites are the ones with the East Bay Hills set a backdrop giving a little more contrast other then a plain blue sky.

Love the iconic shot also. Great timing and idea. That Fiji and Ana with American landing are very eye catching.

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thank you!!!

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