Spotting at Sea-Tac Int'l Airport

Hello, IFC,

I recently went spotting near SEATAC airport, and I tried taking my first ever pan shot. What do you think of it?

Delta A330-300 to AMS

Alaska Airlines 737 and another plane (can anyone guess what it is ? If you win, you get a cookie)

Thomas Cook A330-300 Pride Month Livery

Thomas Cook A330-300 Pride Month Livery

Queen of the Skies (Lufthansa 747-400) taking off to Frankfurt

Asiana A350-941 to Seoul

Some kind of search and rescue helicopters circling the area (@Helicopterzzz)

Which photo was your favorite?

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Thank You!


Did you enjoy these?

Easy to guess…Delta SkyWest E175

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I would say these are quite the norm, it’s exceptionally good. I particularly like the last picture for some reason that I lack decisive evidence for but will eventually find out later.

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I love the pic wit the AS 739,the Thomas cook a330, and ofc the queen of he skies!

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Correct! 🍪


Thanks for the @, @Camille I love seeing (helicopterzzz) [get it] up close especially the emergency response

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Thay are amazing. Welldone👍🏻

Nice photos!

That is the very beautiful US Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin!
Great pictures!!

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Love that helicopter and the Lufthansa photos! Can’t wait to see more.

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