Spotting at Santa Barbara Airport

Hey everyone!

@Cameron_Stone and I went spotting at KSBA for almost the whole day today. We had a lot of private jets (especially Gulfstreams) this week. It seemed like a meeting for rich people as they were all lined up together at the Atlantic Aviation ramps at one point. My pictures came out really good compared to the other times I’ve spotted! Here are some of the pictures.

This is my favorite Frontier livery! A320neo “Sunny The Collared Lizard” landing from Denver. (N310FR)

This Alaska 737-800 landed from Seattle. It was nice to see the older livery! (N537AS)

This Gulfstream 4 is owned by “Blue Sky Group Inc.” It is a really nice livery! (N368AG)

This Gulfstream 4 is owned by “Fern Aircraft LLC” (N999AA)

United E175 landing from Los Angeles. (N141SY)


United Crj-200 landing from San Francisco. (To the spotters) Do any of you struggle with taking pictures of Crj-200s? They come in super hot but are also super small so focusing and keeping it in frame is hard for me. 😂 (N908SW)

Sun Country 737-700 in the older, older, livery departing to Minneapolis. (N710SY)

Lastly, here is a Coast Guard Aerospatiale HH-65 Dolphin approaching the heli pad.

What did you think of my pictures? As always, constructive criticism is welcomed. Thank you for stopping by!

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Absolutely loved them! Would love to see more of the private sides airports hold!


Ok! Definitely will show more of that next time. Thanks for the kind words!

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Ok, you all need to meet me next time I’m at LAX/SBA!


That would be awesome dude! Definitely tell us if/when you come to the Los Angeles Area!


Awesome photos dude! Hey! Next time I fly in there for my training, make sure to spot me and maybe we can meet up!

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Nice dude! Sun Country and that CRJ actually turned out really well! I told you you shouldn’t ignore CRJs 😋. Oh yeah and I might post my photos here as well

just to one-up you hehe


Yup, let me know and I’ll try!

Wow! Very nice photos. I love the Frontier Sunny the Collared Lizard!

Thanks, me too!


Here is the Sun Country takeoff!

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Awesome photos !
Nice work

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Those are some really great pictures. I love flying into Santa Barbara on IF. The scenery is beautiful. I hope I go there IRL.

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