Spotting at Santa Barbara Airport | KSBA | 2020

Hello everyone!

I thought I’d make a spotting topic to show y’all what’s been going on with SBA during the Pandemic. All of the airlines that had mainline service either downgraded to bombardier, or E-Jets. Delta and Contour unfortunately, suspended service from SBA for the time being, and Frontier either canceled, or postponed their return to SBA which was originally supposed to be in June from what I’ve heard the other SBA spotters say.

Hope y’all enjoy the photos!

Before United downgraded from mainline service, I was able to catch the new livery A319. (N878UA)

Here is a closeup of an American Eagle CRJ-900 tail and engine. (N950LR)

United Express E175 on final from San Francisco. (N202SY)

Delta Connection E175 on final from Salt Lake City. (N262SY)

American Eagle (Mesa) CRJ-900 about to depart to Dallas. (N956LR)

United Express E175 in the New Livery arriving from Denver. (N618UX)

Finally, we have the Alaska (Horizon) E175 on final from Santa Rosa, and lining up for Santa Rosa. I was so glad to finally catch the E175! Now I have spotted the E175 and 738 in this livery. (N651QX)

I hope y’all enjoyed the photos, please be sure to check out my YouTube if you’d like, where I post not only spotting videos but also even more aviation related content. Stay safe everyone!


Dude. Those are stunning.

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What equipment do you use?

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That’s awesome! I just spent a week in SB! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do any spotting, because I spent so much time touring UCSB. I did actually see the E175 going off to Santa Rosa (my home town actually!) from Isla Vista.
Awesome pics!

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These pictures are insaneeeee. I love that CRJ up close engine pic.

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Thank you so much!!

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Thank you! I use a Panasonic Lumix. It’s tiny, but it gets the job done!

Thank you! That’s awesome, maybe you’ll be able to fly on that exact flight if you choose to fly back up north instead of driving or catching Amtrak!

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Yeah, thatd be awesome!

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Thank you!! I was glad with the outcome of that photo!

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Yeah, really impressive.

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Love the shot of the American CRJ tail, nice work :)

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Nice … great pictures!

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Is this the aircraft that operates the PHX to SBA? If so i was on that plane back in November!

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Uhh I’m not sure about that. You realize aircraft don’t operate the same route every time in their service.


Incredible! I love the second one, it just shows all the details and is beautiful!


These are some stunning shots! Everyone is amazing!

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Santa Barbara is such a cool airport, great shots!

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Wow! These are amazing photos!

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Thank you so much! One of my favorites as well.

Thank you!

This specific shot was taken a few weeks ago, but if you flew on that registration, that’s awesome! I always love seeing pictures of planes that I’ve actually flown on.

Thank you very much! I’m very happy with the outcome of it.

Thank you!! Glad y’all like them!

Guess what… It is even more cool when there are mainline aircraft. I hope we get them back. Thank you!

Thanks man!