Spotting at Santa Barbara Airport (AA Retro)

Hey everyone!

This morning, I went spotting to catch the American Airlines PSA Retro A319 from Phoenix and some newer E175’s that now fly to SBA. Enjoy!

American PSA Retro A319-100 | PHX-SBA | N742PS

American Eagle E175 | DFW-LAX | N241NN

PSA A319-100 | SBA-PHX | N742PS

Alaska/Horizon E175 | PDX-SBA | N636QX
My friend was on this flight, I didn’t know until he walked passed me and told me when he was heading to the parking lot!

The tilted C130 in the background of this picture was the same plane that crash landed a couple weeks ago, here is the article about the crash landing.

Delta Connection E175 | SLC-SBA | N276SY

Thank you for viewing my photos! Also, I want to start uploading to Jetphotos, but I need some assistance. Follow me on Instagram and YouTube @sbaviator!


Wow, your pictures are improving a ton, amazing work 😃


I agree. Getting better every time I see a topic from you, Cole, keep it up!


Thanks Dylan, I’m glad they seem to be improving!

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That means a lot coming from you Andrew! I love your shots and editing.

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I would suggest trying the E175s in JetPhotos.

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Oh, I meant on how to upload from mobile onto JetPhotos. Thanks though Joseph.

Do you have access to a desktop?

Yeah, my mom has a MacBook.

You might have to find a way on that laptop to compress the photo to JetPhotos size.

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