Spotting at San Jose [Featuring the 787 and A321neo!]

March 8, 2020

Hello! Today, I went to San Jose Airport just for spotting because the airport was using the 12s, which meant I could get some shots of aircraft departing. I was only there to see one aircraft depart, but I got some pretty decent pictures of other aircraft, and thought I’d share them!

Here are some of the pictures I took today:

To start the topic, here’s a Hawaiian A321-271neo registered N202HA. The aircraft is relatively young at only about two years old, and features the new livery! Hawaiian used to fly their 767s and sometimes A330s to San Jose, but retired their 767s and replaced them with A321neos.

Delta recently made San Jose a focus city, and now operates quite a few routes from the airport. A lot of the traffic is from Delta Connection with their E175s or CS100s, but they do send some 737s and a 757. Here’s one of their 739s, N836DN, headed to Detroit.

American flies to a couple of destinations from San Jose, but not as many as their main competitor, Delta. Here’s N354PT, a 2-year old 737-823 headed to Dallas.

Next came a 3-year old Volaris A320-233, registered XA-VRA. This was operating as Y4931, one of their 10 weekly services to Guadalajara from San Jose. They usually send the A320neo but have been sending their regular A320s a lot more often now.

Air Canada currently only flies their CRJs to the airport from Vancouver, but this will change once they begin their CS300 flights to Toronto! This is a picture of C-GDJZ, an Air Canada Jazz CRJ-900LR.

Being a focus city for Alaska, San Jose gets a lot of E175s from SkyWest, and today was no different. Here’s 626QX, an Embraer E175LR headed to Portland.

And here’s the plane I came for, one of ANA’s 787-8 Dreamliners headed to Tokyo Narita. In late March, they’ll be switching this service to Haneda so it’ll be one of their last flights serving this route!

And to end the topic, another shot of the ANA 788 departing!

Thanks for viewing, and I hope you liked my pictures! Feel free to use them, but just ask before :)


SFO still better. But great shots none the less
Also if you’d like I can edit some.


Of course, but because of coronavirus reasons, I won’t be going to the skydeck for a while.

Sure, I edited them a little but not very much.


Bruh unless you are an old recuperating person you are safe :)


I see this as a major win because United prices for flights to SFO are tanking due to the virus which is good for me so I can book SFO real soon


Nice shots! I’ve always wanted to go spot at KSJC due to the huge variety of aircraft that come and go every day.

Keep up the great work!


You should crop them a lot more, but great pictures nontheless


Great pictures! The Hawaiian livery looks so good on the A231neo.


Thanks! I recommend visiting both San Francisco and San Jose if you come, as they have a different variety of aircraft!

I’ll do that next time! Thank you!

Thanks! I also love the Hawaiian livery, cannot wait for their 787s to come!


Same I’m pretty excited.

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Why don’t you book SJC as well or at least include SJC in your itinerary

SJC is way better

Nice spotting pics, I really want to visit SJC!

That Air Canada Jazz CRJ is my favorite 🤗


Nice shots! What camera do you use?

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Fantastic pictures with my favourite being the American B737. Really well done! Thanks for sharing!

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Hawaiian!!! 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘

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Awesome shots, my favorites are the se find and the third one

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Thanks! SJC does have some great spotting locations!

Thank you! I used a Sony A6400 with an 18-135 mm lens.

Thanks! Hoping to continue improving my pictures!

Thanks! I also love the Hawaiian A321neo!


Nice catch of the ANA 787! But that Hawaiian A321NEO is pretty. 🌺

I hope you enjoyed spotting here. Nice camera!

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Excuse me? 😡

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Ahhhhh hawaiian 🌺😍

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