Spotting at San Jose Airport!

February 9, 2020

Hey! I went to San Jose International (@BigBert10) yesterday to spot, and took quite a few pictures of some various aircraft. SJC doesn’t get too many heavies, and unfortunately the only one I would have been able to capture recently canceled their flights (Hainan), but I still got some pretty good shots of some other aircraft!

I got a new camera recently, so I’m still getting used to it. These are some of the best ones I took, but I’ll hopefully improve over time!

First, an Alaska Airlines 737-990(ER) flew in from Guadalajara. This is one of Alaska’s only flights to Mexico from San Jose, but also the most popular international destination from the airport!

Next came a 15-year old Southwest 737-7H4, which flew in from Phoenix! I was hoping it was a Canyon Blue, but turns out the aircraft was recently painted into the new livery.

Last year, Delta began flying their C-Series aircraft to San Jose from Seattle and Salt Lake City, and i was happy to see that one was inbound! This aircraft, registered N125DU came in from Seattle.

As the sun went down, a lot of private jets began to fly in, including this one which flew in from New York. The aircraft was registered N650EW, and is a Gulfstream 650.

Then, I caught a Canyon Blue 737-7H4 (@Luke_Sta) , which seems to be getting more and more rare as Southwest continues to paint their planes. This one had splits, so I thought it looked really nice! This is a shot of it waiting for an aircraft to vacate the runway, before departing to Burbank.

And to end this topic is a Delta E175LR, which was scheduled to fly in from Las Vegas. However, due to high winds, the aircraft went around and diverted to Fresno. This picture is from when it was flying back into San Jose!

Thanks for viewing my topic, and I hope you liked my pictures!



@BigBert10 would be very proud!


Love that A220!

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That’s all we needed. XD

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Great Shots! Good job

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Thank you! I was a little worried they wouldn’t come out too well, as this was my first time spotting with the camera.

Thanks! It’s my favorite shot!

Nice shots! Love the first one as it is nice and bright. The A220 is nice too.

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Beautiful photos!!

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Nice pictures @GlobalFlyer1!

Lol, I went to KSFO for plane spotting yesterday to take pictures of Qantas’ Inaugural flight from Brisbane… Slowly, @BigBert10 becomes mad with me using that four-letter ICAO code…

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I was planning to go there, but had a commitment so I couldn’t. Hopefully I’ll be there for some other inaugurals, especially with the opening of the observation deck coming up! Thanks!

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Yep, can’t wait for the observation deck!

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Really awesome photos there, love that Alaska Airlines 737-900ER.

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Thank you! I like the 739 too!

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@BigBert10 @BigBert10 @BigBert10

For this being your first time spotting with a camera you’re doing very, very well.


These are really great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

And thanks to all of you for tagging me XD

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Thank you! Some of them came out a little blurry, so I’m hoping to continue improving.


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Probably just some simple setting issues like your shutter was too slow or something.

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