Spotting at San Francisco (SFO) and Kansai (KIX) Outbound Leg

Here is the photos I took on the outbound leg to Japan, at SFO and KIX. Pardon the quality, shooting through glass is never nice. Don’t have much else to say, so here we go. All photos with Sony a7 Rii and 24-240 f/3.5-6.3.

SFO Portion: I arrived at SFO from Denver for an hour layover before continuing on to Osaka. Here are the photos from then.

An Air National Guard C-17 from Allen C. Thompson field in Mississippi. Would have been cooler if it was from Travis.

A UA 772 pushing from the hard stand with twin 744’s behind.

SFO Safety Training 767 sitting in it’s permanent parking spot. She isn’t air worthy anymore, now just used for training.

United 744 beneath the South San Francisco sign.

Another UA 744 at the gate in terminal G off to Taiwan. These Queens litter SFO, and sadly, it won’t be that way for much longer.

Another UA 744 off to Beijing.

A pair of golden girls. I better hop on one of these soon, as once I fly the 744, I will have flown every Boeing jet in United’s fleet ever, minus the 727. I don’t think I ever will though.
Tails of the 744.

ANA 77W arriving from Narita.

My ride to the far east, a UA 788.

United 738.

United and Alaska 737’s breaking formation after a parallel departure.

United 77W from Hong Kong and Air Canada 763 from Toronto.

Same 763.

The Queen and her heir.

744 getting some last minute touch ups.

Air India 77L getting ready for the real long haul.

SFO in a photo.

Like the UA 744, we soon won’t be seeing these around anymore.

I say this plane represents San Francisco as a whole. Weird, cool, pretty, and high-tech.

Let’s just say their landing was smooth as Honey.

KIX Portion: 12 hours latter, I arrived in the land of the rising sun. Here’s a few from Kansai.

Fed-Ex MD-11.

Fed-Ex 77X. Cool thing, there was every Boeing Fed-Ex plane at Kansai. MD-11, MD-10, 777, 767, and 757. Only got good photos of those two.

DHL Air Hong Kong A300.

And a Shandong Airlines 738. Never heard of this airline before.

That’s all, hope you enjoyed. Expect better inbound photos soon, from Haneda and San Fran.


Awesome photos! Going to miss those DIA pics.


Awesome shots as always, Ben! I’m always looking forward for your photos especially your spotting’s ❤


Flew one of those 744’s out to Frankfurt, very cramped seating but a very beautiful ride in the Queen of the skies 😃

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Yeah, I’ve flown a Lufthansa 744 out to Frankfurt once too, and it was the same. Had the option to fly a UA one to Narita, but it’s Narita and a sardine can with no IFE. Not as luxurious as a Dreamliner.

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