Spotting at RJTT

ATC: @Ray_Wang
No Flying Today :P

Runway 16L, the origin of these photos. American 777 Taking off, with 3 Aircraft Holding Short

Head to Head with the Queen



A 787 Greasing down the runway

Who Doesn’t Love the IF Livery?!

A Side Perspective of a A340 from Lufthansa

Cargo: Ramen, yum




Ahh, the meme lord @anon41771314 has returned.

In all seriousness, great photos! I love the one with the B747. Keep it up 👍

Great photos!

eXcUsE you i am the meme lord so just poof that outta here. And thanks. I like the 747 too

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thanks! i hope you enjoyed the title, i clearly put a lot of effort into it

I beg to differ, first off don’t zoom out on the free camera as it makes shots look to stretched, secondly when your taking the screenshots turn the graphics settings up to max so they really pop and stand out. Other than that my favourites were the ones that weren’t stretched out but if I have to pick one it’s gotta be the Dreamliner landing. Hope to see more from you in the future.

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Amazing photos! Keep up the great spotting and photography!
Looking forward to seeing more on the community.

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You have been suspended. Reason: Using the term grease.

Just kidding, these are great!