Spotting at RJTF, Chofu Airport

Hello everyone,

A week ago, I did some spotting at RJTF, a small airport right outside of the Tokyo Metropolitan area. This is my first time posting in the Real World Aviation section, so any feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!
Wikipedia Article of RJTF:

On this day, Runway 17 was in use. The weather was good, but the crosswind was a bit strong.
First, I started by taking photos on the Northern side of the airport.

Aircraft: Cessna 208 Caravan 675
Registration: JA889G
Operator: Kyoritsu Air Survey (共立航空撮影株式会社)
This aircraft is used to take Aerial Photos. This specific aircraft is based in RJFR, Kitakyushu Airport.

On final Runway 17, after completing its job of taking aerial photos.

Ugh, Hate this fence…

I then moved to the Western side, since there is a hill where you can get a good view of the airport.

Aircraft: Dornier 228
Registration: JA33CA
Operator: New Central Airservice (新中央航空)
A commercial flight operated between RJTF and the southern islands. Was not able to find out which airport this aircraft came from, but I assume it came from RJAZ, Kozushima Airport or RJAN, Niijima Airport based off of the time table. This airline is the only operator flying commercial flights at RJTF.

On Final

I always love how the aircraft pass right in front of me. Lovely sight.

Managed to get a nice photo of the moment of touchdown. You can see that smoke coming from the gear.

Aircraft: Cessna 172 Skyhawk II
Registration: JA4139
Operator: Tokyo Air (東京航空)
This airline flies light aircraft to train pilots, take aerial photos, etc. This flight was a short solo VFR flight around Tokyo.

Like this livery. And I bet the flight was amazing! The weather was really nice.

Good landing.

Aircraft: Aérospatiale AS 350B Ecureuil
Registration: JA9784
Operator: Toho Air Service (東邦航空)
I would like to end this topic with a Helicopter :). This helicopter is used to take videos and photos for News reports on TV. This flight was conducted to take a video of the Shibuya area, which is in downtown Tokyo, and show how people were starting to go outside again, instead of staying home.

Low approach over the runway, coming from the South.

Making a turn towards the helipad. The small pod located at the front is actually the camera they use to take the videos and photos.

Landed. You can see the news reporter bow to the pilot, thanking him for the flight.

That was all! Sorry for the long post, hope you guys enjoyed it!
Please give me any feedback if you have any. Thank you!


Awesome pictures, I really like the Dornier 228 & the Aerospatiale AS 350B helicopter!
Nice to see some pictures from smaller airports!

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Nice pictures, I like the 4th one the best

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Every spotters arch nemesis, I like the dornier shots, keep it up :)


Thanks everyone, I might do some more spotting in the near future 😉

Here in Greece, we dont have many airplanes landing at LGAV like before, and since I play a lot of IF, seeing the airport rwy and the taxi lines and lights makes me thing “oh, i exited the runway in this taxiway when i went from EDDF to LGAV” and then I imagine myself as i pilot in real life XD

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I have to agree with Luke on this one. Great variety of planes and great photos of them as well. Good job

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