Spotting at Portland Int'l (KPDX) 11/18/2018

Well here we go. Another day another bunch of aircraft spotted by me. Let us begin.

An Air Canada Q-400 Rotates on Runway 10L.

An Alaska A320 Begins Takeoff on 10L.
Meanwhile, an alaska A320 Exits 10R.

An American A321 Takes off.

After that an American Eagle E175 Rotates.

A Prime Air 767 Operated By Atlas Air exits Runway 10R.

After that, my friend Sammy the Squirrel dropped by.

Ending the day, a Spirit A320 exits the Runway.

Well, that concludes my KPDX Spotting Trip.


Amazing photos I love the 2nd Alaska A320 photo and the American Eagle Embraer! Good job


That’s awesome! PDX has some of the best backdrops. Just one thing, what aperture (f-stop) did you shoot with? I only ask because in some shots the center (or other part) of the aircraft is in focus but the extremities aren’t, and that’s normally an f-stop thing, unless it’s just haze.

That AC Dash 8 in the new livery looks amazing. All the pictures are amazing, well done.

It was mostly haze. It was also a really sunny that day so once the haze cleared, I had a lot of lense flare.

Great pics man!
Im surprised u didn’t get the former PDX hub airline Delta.
Delta somewhat has a little extra routes since it used to use PDX as a hub

Nice shots, look forward to seeing some more.

I got it, just decided not to show it.

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