Spotting at Pearson

On a nice afternoon, I went on the other side of runway 23 and enjoyed some departures and arrivals.

Camera used was my iPhone 14 pro max

The new E295 jet from Porter Airlines, it does whale sounds

Swoop coming in

Stable Approach on this B787

The Queen

Can’t be at Pearson without an Air Canada plane


The butter machine

See you next time


The E2 is one of my favorite planes. Nice pictures!


Flew on it and it’s super good

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If you didn’t say they were with the 14, I would have thought they were done by an actual camera. 😂

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Photography on phones is getting better. Just need to improve zoom quality

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The greaser machine*

As Laura would say ‘The runway kisser’


rwy 23 is the runway that I usually go plane spotting at YYZ!

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Wow! Not bad for an phone camera. Great shots! 🙌


It is pretty good, except when you zoom in

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Great photos for the phone! I’ve tried to spot with my phone but I never like the results, the processing the phone does always seems weird… also zoom sucks like you’ve said

I think it’s the same engines as the A220, right?

Affirmative it does

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Awesome photos! Jealous you got to see the E2!


One day y’all will see them

Yeah! I hope one of the US carriers (like Skywest) decide to buy some.

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