Spotting At Pearson Field/Portland Intl (KPDX/KVUO) 1/12/2019

Spotting At Pearson Field/Portland Intl (KPDX/KVUO) 1/12/2019

Well, everyone, I am back and spotting again. I decided to do a regional airport that has made my city a good one. Pearson Field! Not Pearson Intl @WestJet737767 I caught a bunch of stuff going into KPDX, so let’s get to it!

This is one big boi. A Delta 767 arrives from Amsterdam! I am actually part Dutch.

A Delta A319 heads for a soft landing on Runway 10R.

An ALASKA E175 comes on in. These are a daily occurance around KPDX.

JUST a Southwest 737-700.

Finally we come to…

An F-15 Formation. @Lucas_Brien You luvin it! Wouldn’t be KPDX without F-15s. We also had an F/A-18 drop by. However I was inside when it came.

So that’s it just a small highlight of my spotting trip! Hope you guys liked it, which picture was your favorite?

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For anyone who is wondering why they are blurry. It is from cropping. I tried to fix the problem up but it stayed like that. I am not the master of photo editing. Hope you guys still like them!

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Nice pictures!

I spotted 2 mistakes from this thread:

  1. The E175 is Alaska, not Delta.
  2. The Southwest looks more like a B737-700 not a B738 (too short)

I would never mistake the 2!
Nice photos

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Keep telling yourself that! @WestJet737767 🤣

Also, thanks!

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Fixed it! Thanks for the input!

N330NB is an A319. Great pics otherwise!

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How ironic your name is Delta319.

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I did lol.

Just one thing, try not to shoot with the sun behind the aircraft. Your photos will turn out so much brighter and look sharper if you position yourself between the sun and the aircraft.

I know. Curse back lighting!!!

That Delta 767 with the Delta belly though 😍 awesome pics!

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Thanks so much!

Amazing pics! The Alaska could get a quick photoshop/lightroom touch up, but besides that, amazing!

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