Spotting at Peachtree-Dekalb Airport (PDK)

This is my first time taking pictures of planes, and the first time I have used my camera in a couple of months, so sorry if they turned out badly.

N301DG (2019 Cirrus Design Corp SR22T) taxing to parking after landing

N591GT (Cirrus SR22 Turbo (piston-single)) taxing to parking as well

N5194Y taxing to parking (my favorite plane of that day)

Civil Air Patrol N380CY landing

The star of the show N267BW (Bombardier Global 5000 (twin-jet)) taking off.
Downwind of maybe 5 kts. (probably not cause I can’t measure wind)

Constructive criticism is welcomed
(might make this a series)


I always love a good GA spotting! Nice shots you got here!

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Did they open that brick seating/spotting area back up? I tried to go a few times over the summer but the area was taped off (COVID). Nice shots!

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This thing is cursed without the nose wheel fairing 😬

Yes they did

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Forgot/didn’t want to upload this one cause it wasn’t that good but just wanted to share this. The pilot was having a bit of trouble taking off.

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Bro. Let’s go to Plaza Fiesta across the street :D

In all seriousness, I love seeing spotting topics that are close to home :)

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Where was that N267BW private jet going to

He was going to Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

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Never heard of that place. I will check it out.

My home airport! 😍 Nice photos!

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Ah yes PDK love that airport! Nice shots!

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Amazing shots, keep it up!

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