Spotting at Peachtree-Dekalb Airport (PDK) Pt. 2

I find myself back at PDK spotting some more planes for this second time. I had a 1/300 lens so I got much closer to the planes. However, the heat and jet exhaust messed up many of the private jets approaches so sorry about that.

American Airlines at 38k feet from Jamaica to Chicago

Raytheon BAe 125-800 (twin-jet) (N58BL) operated by AG Entertainment Inc. shortly after taxiing to parking from Fort Lauderdale

2016 PIilatus PC-12/47E (N481EB) landing from Destin, FL on RW34. RW34 goes right across the viewing stand so I got real up close with some planes

Cessna 172 (N885GT) landing from Augusta, GA landing on RW34

Cessna 172 (N2462G) taking off. Can someone explain the thing hanging from the wing? I think it is a camera but I could be wrong.

My personal favorite of the day, Beechcraft Bonanza (red plane) (N8176R) taking off for Borrow County, recently landed N559Q5 holding short while N8176R takes off, and a private jet (registration number unknown) slowing down after touchdown.


This plane is owned by Winged Vision Inc. (Winged Vision | Home).
They do aerial video for sports broadcasts.

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That’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for clarifying

Really nice photos mate!


I love the photos it seems like everybody who does these spotting threads always does a really great job. I love the private jets amazing job cant wait to see more!

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Very nice shots @PolandBall_120!

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