Spotting at Orly @ (ORY, LFPO) 23/08/17

Hi, every one
Here are some photos of my holydays in Paris,
Orly is the current base of Air caraibes and Corsair international ;wich deserves the french islands such as Martinique guadeloupe-(where I live), and Guyane.
All photos in their right order

enjoy : )










Great shots, my friend!


Yes, love the B744’s and the A359!

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Nice! Didn’t you see F-HSUN at all? It’s a Corsair B747-400 and it was in YYC (my hometown) a few months ago.

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Awesome shots! I love that AirCaraibes, especially on the A350! Keep it up!

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yeah, the SUN was used for an other mission, (If I remember, to take some football teams, the last time I saw him, he was at ANC)

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Great shots man! Wish they add the Tunisair A332 to simulate flights from Tunis to Montreal and New York JFK. Indeed Tunisair is preparing to open a direct flight TUN-JFK this winter

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Hey there! Really nice shots of those beautiful planes! I probably prefer the first shot of the 777-300ER Air France over all of the other ones but I must say that the A350 was pretty stunning too. Keep up the great work! c:

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Belles photos! Je vais souvent à Orly sur les terraces mais je fais plus de spotting a CDG, je voulais savoir où tu te place pour prendre de tel photos! Et si c’est du cou dû à ton travail sur Orly (je suppose)?

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thank you, I will creat other topics of my spotting later (but not today)
yeah, you’re right. I was amazed when I see how the left strobe came out too

merci, j’ai seulement pu aller sur Orly, puisque j’etais durant cette periode…donc j’me suis jusqu’a cdg

je vois souvent mes amis spotteurs qui ont un tres bon emplacement près de la 26L, pour les atteros T au bon endoit.

Justement, je suis rentré chez moi en guadeloupe par CDG avec XL, mais j’ai pas travaillé sur paris malheureusement …

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Merci pour les infos et bonne journée en Guadeloupe!

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