Spotting at Orlando

I went spotting at Orlando on Sunday, and got some shots! Here they are:


I like the last one the best! Great shots!!!


Thank you! It was a windy day and I forgot my tri pod so the images are pretty blurry


I wish I could like your photos but iv’e run out of likes ahh.

But great shots! Love the first Spirit one!

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where’s a good spot to go spotting at MCO?
Nice photo’s

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Thank you! When the other planes land on runways 35R I go to the JetBlue hangar, or the spirit hangar. That is where the 747, 777 or a330s go most of the time. When they land on 36L, where Kalita air 747 lands, I go to the southwest service hangar. Also I used to go to the parking lot when runway 35L was open. When the planes land on the other side of the airport, I go to runway 28R that is near the Cessna Citation center, there is a road near there where it says “no trespassing” I go on a dirt road because your not trespassing. When they land on runway 17L, I go to the Silver airways hangar, and zoom in on the planes, then drive to the bridge they go over to get more shots.

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Thank you!

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