Spotting at Orlando international 5/25/19

I went spotting at Orlando international s few days ago, and got some pictures of planes. Edit: The photos look a little right to the page. That is why the nose of some of the planes look cut off.

  1. Kalitta air 747 retro livery I couldn’t work my camera for this one

    Frontier a320 NEO

    Jet Blue A320

    Virgin Atlantic 747

    Spirit A319

    HiFly A340

    I hope you enjoyed these photos!

That Frontier Livery is 👌


I agree with that! Also, do the photos look off centered from the actual page?

The photos on my desktop seem a little to the right. They still look very good.

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For my phone they look a little bit to the right too. They make the photos look off centered too.

That Frontier A320 is a NEO! Nice catch!

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Flown on that Frontier NEO! I love how each of their liveries is unique.


I love how they are different too. You always look forward to see what it is now

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