Spotting at OJAI - Queen Alia Int'l + Photos From my Flight

Today I had a Flight From OJAI - Queen Alia Int’l to Antalya Int’l onboard Royal Wings (RJ Subsidiary) on B733 Wetleased from an Airline called Fly Jordan, and here is my spotting Photos + Photos Of my Flight and An Airline Rating

##Part 1:- Spotting Photos:-

Triple Shot! RJ A319 JY-AYP in OW Livery Landed from TLV and heading to Barcelona; RJ A319 JY-AYM Landed from Kuwait and Will head to Berlin Tegel; Middle East A321 Came and will Depart To Beirut.

Another Triple Shot! Egypt Air A321 SU-GBW Inbound and Outbound to Cairo; EK 77W A6-ENI Inbound and Outbound to Dubai; and Middle East A321 OD-MRO

Double Shot! Al-Jazeerah Airways A320 9K-CAN Inbound and Outbound to Kuwait; Fly Dubai B738 A6- Inbound and Outbound to Dubai

Triple Shot! EK 77W, RJ B787 From Doha Will depart to London; RJ E175/95 I dunno

Quaderlope Shot! RJ 787 JY-BAA To KORD; RJ Wet leased Yan Air B733 UR-CNP To Istanbul, G655 VP-CHI From Abu Dhabi Al-Bateen Executive Airport, Air Algeries B738 7T-VKP Inbound and outbound to Algeries

Triple Shot! RJ A321 JY-AYT being Towed to the gate to depart to Algeries, B737-400 Yan Air and G655

Triple Shot! Emirates 77W, RJ 787, And E75/95

Double Shot! RJ A319 OW Livery To Barcelona and Egypt Air A321 Pushing back to Cairo

And Finally, Royal Wings B737-300 Wetleased from an Airline Called (Fly Jordan) JY-SOA Came from Dubai DWC via Aqaba and Heading to Antalya (RJ6772)

Will Countinue With my Flight Photos When i get back Due to Bad connection at the Hotel + Being Fair with Rating


The 787 always looks great 😍

Good shots!


Nice pics love them all

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Royal Jordanian 787 livery is just beautiful. Very nice shots!


Thank you all!

And Btw sorry for the reflections, thats a problem i always face there

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Love the MEA’s! Great photo’s.

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Uploaded and Finished from Spotting Photos, Each Picture took 5min to Upload, Enjoy!

the photos look great!

I landed Yesterday At amman, and here is a small Spotting at Antalya Airport

AnadoluJet B737

Bravo Airlines B737

Atlas Global A320

Air Astana B767

Royal Wings A320-212

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