Spotting at O’Hare to make Ross happy

@Ross wants a mention in the topic title, so he got it

I’m running out of things to say, so I’ll just keep it quite generic. These photos were shot on 11/22, and today, 12/01

A7-BFA | 11/22 | Milan (MXP)

PH-BVA | 11/22 | Amsterdam (AMS)

B-18709 | 11/22 | Anchorage

A6-ENQ | 11/22 | Dubai (DXB)

N344KD | 11/22 | Anchorage (ANC)

LX-VCF | 12/01 | Luxembourg (LUX)

N78017 | 12/01 | absolutely nowhere

N26906 | 11/22 | no clue where it came from

Yes, I know. This topic is getting boring. I’ve run out of things to say about these photos, as I’ve posted so many topics. I hope you enjoyed the atleast!


Wow, these are nice. Do you have a JetPhotos?


I do in fact. I have very few photos on there though


Nice, you should upload some of these.

Maybe sometime in the future. I’m currently sitting at an 11.96% acceptance rate on there, so only 2 of my 19 attempts have been accepted, so I don’t really wanna try more

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I am happy now


Love these shots! Gotta go to Chicago one day… seems like they get amazing traffic

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Keep trying man! Those photos are so good, and I believe (in my opinion) that, that Cargolux 747-8 photo will make it onto JetPhotos

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Love these! I wanted to go catch orange pride when it came but I wasn’t able to go!

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Take the rest of us Chicagoans spotting with you next time LOL. Great photos

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I don’t think my car could fit three million people

Great shots!

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Wow, awesome to see the improvement throughout your spotting topics!

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Beautiful shot.

One step ahead of ya

Nice I saw those also

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I love KORD! I literally am there all the time. These are some really cool photos!

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