Spotting at O’Hare Because Why Not

Welcome back to another spotting post here! This time, I took the advice of everyone who commented on my other posts, as well as others, and I think my shots have very much improved. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

First up we have JY-BAB, a Royal Jordanian 787 doing business in Chicago that is not passenger flights. Not sure if it’s repatriation or cargo flights, but nevertheless, nice to see here!

Next up, Lufthansa, with their stunning new livery on D-AIXO, an A350-900 coming in from Munich!

Next on the chopping block is N702GT, an ex-LAN Cargo 777F operating for Southern Air, coming in from Anchorage.

After that questionable livery, we have N832UA, a United 767-300ER in the new livery coming in from Houston

Sticking to United, we have N29975, a United 787-9 doing freighter flights between the US and Asia. This one was coming in from Tokyo Narita.

Next up, the first of two special liveries. N744P, an Airbus A319 in the Piedmont Airlines heritage livery for American, and it flew in from Saint Louis yesterday afternoon.

Keeping things American, we have N830AW, an A319 coming in from Orlando

Next up, Delta! Today, Chicago got N320DN from Atlanta, an Airbus A321. I wasn’t able to get the best angle of it, but oh well.

Saving the best for last, we have a Cargolux 747-8f, but not just any one. This is LX-VCM, the aircraft hosting the cutaway livery. It’s a stunning livery, and I wasn’t expecting it in Chicago.

Thank you all for joining me today! I hope you enjoyed these pictures, and I hope you all also have a splendid day. @ToasterStroodie destination will be straight ahead, and @Aviation3, you will find your destination at the short term parking.


Nice shots, Marcel!

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Um. I don’t know why some of the photos are not showing. I’m trying to figure out the issue right now

Edit: all is fine now

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Honestly great job @mkwiecek and a diverse selection of aircraft Was this at 28C/10C?

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I can answer this for you. Yes this would be 28C/10C as that is the only runway heavies land on. The A319s and A321 could be a different runway

Any shots where you see the left side of the plane are 28C arrivals, and any shots where the right side of the plane is visible, 10C. This was footage spread out from a couple days

Lovely shots as always, Marcel! I’m looking forward to more!

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Great!!! Where was the Lufthansa A350 photo taken?

@Aviation3 the gate gourmet parking lot. When on Mannheim, go north from Irving park or south from Lawrence. It’s the lights in between the two. Past the stop after you turn onto montrose, keep to the left, but don’t turn left at the stop. Keep going straight, then turn left into the parking lot

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Wow! Fantastic photos! Loved the UA 787 shot. The ex-LAN cargo aircraft was amusing thanks for sharing lmao

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When I heard about it being inbound I was like 🤨 what is that livery

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We got the Allegheny A319 yesterday in RNO.

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Nice! I haven’t seen many special liveries personally

What runway/s does that cover?

Some absolutely stunning pictures! I thought the American special livery A319 would be my favourite, but that B747 certainly impresses! Thanks for sharing!

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28C only. There’s a fence blocking 22L dep views

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Really nice shots! Just to lyk, I’m pretty sure you meant to say “US” instead of “UA” for the United dreamliner picture :)

That would be correct. Thank you

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Some very nice shots. 5th one has to be my favourite though.

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Very clean shots, loving the Cargolux cutaway livery :)

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