Spotting At Newcastle Airport

Raf Falcons Dornier 228 C-FPSH
Cityjet (op for Air France) Avro RJ85 EI-RJD

Go2Sky Boeing 737-400 OM-GTB

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER A6-EPT

Flybe Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 G-JECR

Neos Boeing 737-800 I-NEOU

Thomas Cook Airbus A321-200 G-TCDB

Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon ZK352

Bronco Demo Team North American OV-10B Bronco G-ONAA
RAF Eurofigher Typoon ZK352?
RAF Red Arrows BAe Hawk
Private Robinson R44 Raven G-WSMW (locally based at Newcastle)
Royal Air Force Boeing CH47 Chinook (cannot read registration)


Beautiful Red Arrows and that amazing Chinook! You captured them perfect!


Just great love them all

Thank you for your feedback.

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Thank you as well for your feedback.

Check out the speedbrakes on that thing. Great photos!

Great Photos!! Love the red arrows shot, I like it how they normally do 2 or 3 abreast landings and takeoffs.

I also never knew Emirates flew to Newcastle. Shame its only a 777 not an A380. (I know theres no need for an A380 but its still a great aircraft.)

I would really like to see a daily A380 service to NCL but sadly the gates are too small.

Thank you, I prefer the speedbrakes on the Cessna Citation however those are still very nice

I was at the air show on Sunday it was good until the rain came, the typhoon only flew over aswell no display due to the weather

The rain severely ruined spotting on both Saturday and Sunday.

Wow, I truly do love all of the various military related aircraft!

Same here, especially the chinook.

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I love these. Very nice pictures!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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Thank you. Will try to keep up the good work.

All of these could use some editing for underexposure. Otherwise, nice catches.

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Is this like a normal day at Newcastle?

Wow amazing photos!!!

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Thank you advice duly noted.

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No, these were taken on the weekend of the Sunderland airshow and a lot of the planes for the airshow take off and land at Newcastle.

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