Spotting at Nagoya! 11/12/2018 | Featuring Rarities and Heavies!

Well I went spotting at RJGG again! I had a day off from school yesterday,so I spent it planespotting. I took these with my phone,sorry if the quality is bad or blurry.

image A Finnair A330-302,registered OH-LTM,pushbacking to get ready for its flight to Finland.

image A Delta 767-332ER,registered N167DZ,heading for Honolulu. What was special was the fact it was operating the special charter flight DL9859.

image An Asiana Airlines Boeing 767-38E,registered HL7516. Its in the Star Alliance livery as you can see.

image Well this was very odd! The Japan Coast Guard Bombardier DHC-8-300 came for a visit,registered JA728A.

image The Etihad 787-9,registered A6-BLL. Normally they arrive late at night,so this was a nice catch.

A T’way 737-8HX,registered HL8024. It is in the special “Yearimdang Why?” Livery.

The Thai AirAsia X A330-343,registered HS-XTI,taxing to its gate after arriving from Don Muang. Thai AirAsia X recently launched services to Nagoya last month. They use newly acquired, low density A330-300s that were previously operated by Singapore Airlines.

This special ANA 737-881,registered JA85AN, is known as the Tohoku Flower Jet. This special livery was created with two thoughts in mind: “Never forget 3.11” and “Hopes of spreading Tohoku’s vitality and appreciation”. The Tohoku Flower Jet’s design was inspired by flowers from the six prefectures that make up the Tohoku region. It is meant to portray the resilience of the Tohoku people, that even under undesirable circumstances, they grow “strong, beautiful, and straight.”

Now this was pretty rare! This Korean Air Bombar-um,I mean Airbus A220-300,registered HL8314,taxiing to its Gate after arrival from Busan. Korean Air usually operates this with their 737-900.

Finally,here is a ANA 777-281,registered JA702A. ANA usually doesn’t send their 777s here,so this was pretty rare. Apparently it came to do some touch and go’s over the course of the next few days.

I hope you enjoyed my photos! 📸


For photos taken from your phone, i think you did a nice job. That Korean Air A223 is a nice catch!

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I enjoyed it. Hope you had fun

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Not gonna lie, I think the Koreanair Livery on the A220 is kinda ugly. Or at least, not nearly as nice as the JBU, DAL, or AirBaltic liveries on the A220


Excellent photos man! Well done

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Nice catches the quality is pretty good in my opinion

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@Dylan_M,@IF_Aviation1,@rubinedan,@Gman thanks! Went to the airport at early morning to get all these shots!
@Dylan_Bright well you are pretty right.


Those are great shots, especially for a phone!

Is it just me or do I think that A220 looks like a mini 757?

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