Spotting at my home airport

Hi everyone! I did some spotting last weekend, so I would like to share some of my photos. Hope you enjoy! And Can anyone guess what my home airport is?

Camera: NIKON D750

1.Delta B767-300ER from Seattle

2.Delta B767-400ER from Honolulu.

3.Air Canada B787-8 from Montreal

4.United B777-300ER from New York (Newark Liberty)

5.Atlas Air B747-400F from Anchorage

6.American B777-200ER departing to Dallas

7.Delta A350 to Detroit

8.Hawaiian A330-200 from Honolulu

9.Air Canada B787-9 from Vancouver

10.My home airport international terminal 1 taken from Observation deck.

Thank you for viewing my photos!


Top quality photos mate.


Thank you!

Wow! Stunning and beautiful photos! And I’m assuming your home airport is Tokyo Narita International.


Im sorry, did you mean “Atlas Air” ?

Correction: Judging by this aircraft’s registration, this is actually a 767-400ER

Nice pics tho

I don’t think it Tokyo, since there are no Aisa/Oceania besides the ANA aircraft in the photos.

I’m thinking Toronto.

@Aviator_Airbus I think you’re wrong,and here is evidence.

That’s written in Japanese.

Delta and United also have hubs here,which explains the observation deck photo,and why would Delta use their A350 on a hour long flight?

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Maybe Osaka? Still could be Tokyo, as there are a lot of US/CAN registered aircraft there.

Wow awesome pics!

Fantastic photographs! The B763 shot and the A359 shots are my favorite.

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For those wondering for where it is, it’s Tokyo Narita. Delta only operates their A350 to Tokyo Narita in Japan. And there is Japanese written on the jet bridge

@Aviator_Airbus it wouldn’t be Osaka cause you would see the ocean as RJBB is on a man made island

I love the A350 man! That pic is 🔥


I also see a Delta 777 there.🤷‍♂️

Loved the 767s and A330s, it’s nice to see aging aircraft in the spotlight. ✈️

You can notice from the difference between Photo 1 & 2 is that Photo 2 is a Boeing 767-400ER. The lengthened fuselage and raked wingtips also gave it away :)

Spectacular photos mate! And your home airport is Narita. (Comments gave it away) lol

These are absolutely amazing! I love the A350 🤩

I hope one day I could get shots this good 😅

Your hone airport is Shanghai airport, hence the a350 to detroit :)

It is Tokyo Narita. One way is I just look up the flight registration on FR24 and then find the origin.

It’s likely Chubu or Tokyo. That’s where Atlas sends it’s 747s.

Awesome photos!

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