Spotting at my flight from VABB - VAAH

Today, I flew in an Air India flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. I’ll be flying back in a few days, hope to get some more pictures!
Here are the ones I took from today’s flight -


Nice photos my friend!


I’ve always liked the Air India livery on the 787, and it looks a lot better on the A320 family.


Ok, so I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I’ve heard and seen Air India a321’s with main gear like…let’s say the 757. Supposedly this is to give better traction on the runways? Is this true? Did you see any?

We should be getting the 77W soon…hopefully they’ll substitute the 787 in for it though

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Nice pics! I have flown in and out of BOM a lot (I live in Goa btw), nice to see someone spotting over there ;)
I’ve taken a couple pics of some widebodies there, Im going to post it in the spotting category when I find my phone… XD

Edit: just found them on my laptop, I forgot I had OneDrive synced :P
Edit #2: I also forgot I’m still a basic user, so I can’t even post them lol :/


Yes, they are a very frequent spot here. Air India has a double-bogey landing gear on some of it’s A320’s. It’s built to adapt to Indian runways conditions. To my knowledge, Air India is the only aircraft carrier to do this.
I’ll try and get a shot of it when I return in a few days!

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Air India had a Star Alliance livery? Hmm looks a lot better then their standard AI livery.

wait srsly? ive never seen a double bogey on any AI a320s, but after a quick google search I saw it…but wow! I knew that the roads in India are terribly maintained, but I thought at least airport runways should be heavily regulated… 0.o

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