Spotting at Munich Airport (EDDM) on 14th of December (with A380 Lufthansa deice! Heavies at MUC)

Got out yesterday and had an opportunity to spot at MUC. Weather was not so kind, very cold. But at least got some heavies captured including:
A380 Emirates, A380 Lufthansa + deice, A340 Lufthansa + deice, A350s Lufthansa (new livery), A330 Lufthansa + deice, 772 United, 77W Canada (new livery), A330 American, 77W Air China.
Some extras: A320neo Scandinavian, A321 Lufthansa (new livery), medical emergency at A319 Rossiya, 757 Icelandair, A321 Turkish (The year of Troy livery), A318 Air France.

Most of them captured at 08L while takeoff and landing; taxiing from T2 (for United, Lufthansa); T1 area.
Some videos (A380 takeoff, United, A340 deice, 77w Air China) are linked down below, because of an unauthorized format in IFC, sadly some quality downgrade to 720p.
Shot with Lumix FZ-82 f/5,5 (f/5,6) 40-130 mm.
Leave your thoughts how do you like it and what can be done better.
I wish you all nice holidays!

Just arrived from DXB.

Taxiing to 08L.

Deice shortly before takeoff.

A380 lines up while deice on A330.

There she comes!


Another A350 in older livery taxi and takeoff at 08L.

Three heavies combo at 08L.

A330-200 American lines up.

Holding short of 08L.


Scandinavian A320neo arriving

Spoilers up, reverse thrust…

Medical emergency i guess.

Going to Iceland?

Taxiing to 08R.

A318 here as well.



I hate to be that guy, but there is a maximum of 10 photos per topic rule.

Great photos! @Moritz would be proud


Ok, don’t knew that, thank you.

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Awesome shots! You and @Moritz need to spot together some time lol.

Amazing shots!! 👍🏼 That a330 looks dwarfed compared to that a380. And the a350 looks stunning in the new paint!!

Thank you, also a fan of the new a350.

Nice Photos. I came in on the Delta 767 earlier that day so you almsot caught me

Nice pictures !!
I’m flying Dec 23 to London from Miami via this airport on the a380. Looking forward to it !!


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