Spotting at Munich Airport (EDDM) on 12th of June (The Beast from Mid East!, Lufthansa A340, special livery) Part 2

You voted for the second part, now you have it!
Here you can check out the first part:

Captured in the second part:

Two heavies from the US. Delta B763 arrived from Detroit while American B788 taxiing and departs to Dallas Fort Worth:

United B772 to Washington DC

Emirates 77W at the gate, Lufthansa A388 (new livery) in the background with the tail visible :D

Aer Lingus A320 (new livery) taxiing to depart to Dublin

Lufthansa A346 departing to JFK

Air China 77W taking off to Beijing

Etihad 77W (old livery) off to Abu Dhabi

Lufthansa A320 with a special livery for the European Union elections.

And finally: The Beast from Mid East Emirates A388 departing to Dubai


Nice shots!


Btw all the shots were made from the specially made spotting hill. Munich Airport cares about the spotters!

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Atlanta does not, they give us a parking garage full of security guards asking how much longer you plan to stay

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Ok, that’s not very nice for the biggest airport on the world

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Gosh that new A320 livery for Aer Lingus looks awesome! Thanks for spotting this @RednoseHeavy! ☘️


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