Spotting at Munich Airport (EDDM) on 12th of June (lots of heavies, many A350s, A380 new livery!) Part 1

Yay! Had a nice spotting day at my home airport Munich (EDDM) and now want to show the best bits I got!
The weather wasn’t very sunny and at a certain point it got also quite cold but I made the best of it!
The camera information is featured in my previous spotting session in December last year:

Captured in the first part:


American A332 from Charlotte with the Airport logo at the entrance. Was quite early so the light conditions werent as good.


Lufthansa A359 from Charlotte with a DL B763 departing to Atlanta in the background

Lufthansa A359 to Denver

Air Canada 77W to Toronto. What a smooth takeoff isn’t it?

Lufthansa A359 to Mumbai (new livery)

Lufthansa A388 to Los Angeles (new livery). The new Lufthansa livery makes every aircraft look great!

Lufthansa A359 to Charlotte (the first delivered A350 to Lufthansa) Such an elegant bird!

Singapore Airlines A359 departing to Singapore

If you want to have a second part just vote below!
The second part will feature Emirates 77W and A388, Air China 77W, Etihad 77W old livery, A340s of Lufthansa, a special livery of Lufthansa and lots more!
Leave your feedback about the spotting, what is your favourite?

  • Sure! Do the second part!
  • No, one part is enough.

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Very nice pictures! 😀


Amazing pictures great work 📸

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@Moritz 👀👀👀

The new livery looks awesome on the A380. I do wish it was added to the IF A380 instead of the 747


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