Spotting at MUC

Hello everyone !
I was spotting early in the morning today at Munich Airport (MUC/EDDM) and if there are some pics without 4k quality 😂 I am very sorry cause I only had my phone with me.
The weather conditions today were very bad:
temperature: -3*C
visibilty: under 1km
winds: I don‘t know but it was a little bit windy

1.Terminal 1 (still gets reworked)

  1. Takeoff into the clouds

  1. A bit traffic on the taxiways

  1. Can you name this Private Jet ?

  1. Some heavies

United 777-200ER off to Chicago O‘Hare (departing one)
Lufthansa A350-900 taxis to gate (by truck)
Thai 777-300ER taxis to gate (by truck)

  1. !!!NEW!!! Kuwait Airways A320N

Ok, to be honest I can take better pics but I have already told you (they were taken by my I Phone)
Hope you still enjoy them !

In summer, I will go often go spotting so these were not the last pics of MUC ! ✈️

Frequency change approved, good day!


The LH A350 is not there wrong pic selected, I am sorry! 😑

Nice pics which you got


I really appreciate it ✈️

Some heavies: Sees A320

Me: Ok boomer


Nice shots i really like them! Munich is such a cool airport!

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The weather looks beautiful.

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😂I am sorry I selected the wrong pic …
won‘t happen next time

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Yeah! The clouds were very beautiful but it was very cold ❄️

Is the bizzjet a Cessna Citation V?

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I really don‘t know … that‘s why I asked you 😆

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The weather there looks nice, but it’s cold! -3 Celsius 🥶. Despite the cold, you stayed at the airport, and got some great photos!

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Thank you very much !🙏
I appreciate it !✈️

I think the private jet could be a Phenom 100.

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I think it is just fascinating how easy it is to spot planes in Europe, in terms of what you can see. Over here in the states, it feels like every possible angle is obstructed by a building, fence, or there’s just nowhere high enough to view anything good. Great photos!

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Yeah, I really appreciate it that it is so easy to spot ✈️ Thanks 🔥!

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Man did I even see a little patio and everything?

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The private jet looks like a Cessna Citation to me. Nice pictures, looked like a nice day!

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Thanks ! ✈️

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Maybe … I don‘t know lol ✈️😂

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