Spotting at MMMX from my Home (Left Base) Part 2

Second Part Of Spotting From my Home!
I hope you enjoy!

Aircraft: 747-830
Airline: Lufthansa
Registration: D-ABYQ
Route: FRA-MEX
Flight Number: LH498
MSN: 37840
Age: 3 years old
Date: June 19th

Aircraft: 747-406
Airline: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Registration: PH-BFC
Route: AMS-MEX
Flight Number: KL685
MSN: 23982
Age: 28 years old
Date: June 19th

Aircraft: A320-232
Airline: VivaAerobus
Registration: XA-VAK
Route: MZT-MEX
Flight Number: VB3283
MSN: 6755
Age: 1.8 years old
Date: June 19th

Aircraft: A340-642
Airline: Iberia
Registration: EC-JNQ
Route: MAD-MEX
Flight Number: IB6408
MSN: 727
Age: 11.6 years old
Date: June 19th

Aircraft: 777-243
Airline: Alitalia
Registration: EI-ISD
Route: FCO-MEX
Flight Number: AZ676
MSN: 32860
Age: 14.2 years old
Date: June 20th

Aircraft: A321-211
Airline: Air Canada Rouge
Registration: C-FJOK
Route: YVR-MEX
Flight Number: ROU1996
MSN: 6844
Age: 1.7 years old
Date: June 22th

Aircraft: 777-FDZ
Airline: Qatar Cargo
Registration: A7-BFE
Route: LUX-MEX
Flight Number: QR8163
MSN: 39644
Age: 4.1 years old
Date: June 23th

Aircraft: 737-8V3
Airline: Copa Airlines “Bio Museo” Livery
Registration: HP-1825CMP
Route: PTY-MEX
Flight Number: CM136
MSN: 40780
Age: 4.9 years old
Date: June 23th

Aircraft: 777-FDZ
Airline: Qatar Cargo
Registration: A7-BFO
Route: ZAZ-MEX
Flight Number: QR8171
MSN: 41427
Age: 5.3 years old
Date: June 25th

Aircraft: 767-328
Airline: Boliviana de Aviacion
Registration: CP-3017
Flight Number: OB3017
MSN: 27427
Age: 22.2 years old
Date: June 24th

Aircraft: A340-542
Airline: Hi Fly
Registration: CS-TFX
Route: OPO-MEX
Flight Number: 5K961
MSN: 0912
Age: 8 years old
Date: July 15th


All Pictures above were taken with a Sony DSC-HX400V

Part One:


That Airbus 340 !! My favourite airbus aircraft😍😘

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Such a beautiful aircraft! I wish IF add more liveries and variants for it!


Those first 747-8s! They’re great!

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The A340-500 of Hi Fly came here bringing the Porto FC team, it was the first A340-500 that visited the AICM

Thanks Lalo for photographing the Biomuseo livery, looks pretty!

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Love the Qatar Cargo. Great spotting location, convenient, sunny and lots of planes. I am dying to see more in the future!

My pleasure Bruno!🇵🇦🇲🇽

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Not always is that sunny, usually it’s very foggy and cloudy, I’ll do my best to get more pictures in the future, even at the airport 😉 Thanks though!

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I always wanted to live near an airport (I’m a plane geek)

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Correction: I’m and avgeek


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