Spotting at Miami International Airport

Hello everyone, this is my first time making a spotting topic and my first time taking pictures with my new camera. Since it’s my first time with my camera, my pictures won’t be the best. I decided to share the best looking ones, so here goes.

Here we got a Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 taking off to cross the pond over to Frankfurt.

Here we got an American Airlines Boeing 737-800 and an American Airlines B77W in the background. The B738 is coming in from Antigua while the B77W is coming in from Los Angeles.

Next up we got an Ethiopian Airlines Cargo B77F. It landing at Miami after a 3 hour and 6 minute flight from Bogota.

Last but not least, here is a DHL Boeing 767-300ERF. It is lined up on runway 9 and preparing for a flight to Santiago.

As this is my first time spotting with a camera, I am open to constructive criticism in order to improve my pictures. As this is my favorite hobby, I would love to improve it. Thank you for taking a looking at this topic and have a good day.


The Queen made your pictures truly royal! Great shots for the first time using a camera! In my opinion your pictures are especially lacking sharpness, but maybe you could fix this by using an editing software!


Thanks for the compliment and the advice. I had to mess around with the camera settings for a bit.

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doesnt require sharpness… its his camera blurring out

other than that good pictures

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Thank you for the compliment.

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I wasn’t talking about the editing tool but the term in general, since things aren’t sharp anymore when blurred.

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Nice shots in MIA! Thanks for sharing.


Even as a somewhat competent spotter, I still find myself using this thread on a regular basis:

I cannot stress just how useful this thread is when starting out. It’ll run you through the basics of camera settings and editing. You’ve got the location, the traffic, and for a first attempt thats a really damn good set of images. Looking forward to seeing your improvement!


Thank you🙂👍

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Thank you, I’ll take a look at the thread today.

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