Spotting at MIA

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Routes: will be provided on pictures.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 coming from London Heathrow.

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 coming in from Frankfurt.

Aeromexico diverting to Miami due to engine failure

Lufthansa Airbus A350 Landing, oh, uhhh…. actually floating from Munich

DHL 777-200F prepping to fly to Anchorage.

KLM 777-300ER Orange Pride Taking Off To Amsterdam.

skipping to a few hours

Emirates 777-300ER taking off to Dubai.

Happened to see this while on FL836 about to go on I-95, Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER taxing to Runway 9 going to Istanbul.

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Your should focus on driving😄

Yes, yes. 😂

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Was it windy, or did the PIC slam the nose gear into the ground? That looks like it was a rough landing 😬

Great shots, I’ve been spotting at MIA IRL and always get to see some nice routes.

Nice to see another South Floridian!

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Fort Lauderdale BTW, I actually fly out of KFXE when I’m training!

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Nice, was born in Fort Lauderdale, I live around northern broward, if you want close up shots, you should go to FLL.

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Went there last weekend, got to see a few Air Canada planes along with an Azul A332. Nice to see that FLL is getting a few more widebody routes from Air Canada.

Yeah, Norse Atlantic 787-9 sadly lands at night I think 😔

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Wondering when Azul Will bring the A350 up to FLL.

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Hopefully, it would be a great addition.

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Yeah, that’s true, want to talk more about it on PM’s if you’re available?

Gladly, inbox is open

Personally, this is my favorite

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Thanks for all the likes

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Stay tuned for an FLL plane spotting :)

We Floridians should all go plane spotting sometime lol

What part of Florida you from?

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Winter Park, but we could all meet somewhere in the middle. I know @aviator1 is also from Florida. He could join us too lol