Spotting at LTFM!

Today I was bored so I decided to do some spotting at today’s busiest airport, Istanbul. There were some very buttery landings, and even an emergency landing, so I hope you enjoy!

Airport: LTFM
Server: Expert

Also: there was a 20kt crosswind so don’t blame any of these pilots for off centerline landings. I probably couldn’t do much better :)

A Nordwind 777 inbound from LGAD

A Qatar Airways A350 absolutely buttering on arrival from Doha

Two Turkish A350’s holding short with an American 777 taxiing in the background

A TUIfly 737 about to land after contacting ATC about a fuel emergency

And finally, an Asiana A350 rotating away from Istanbul.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! If you were there around 0930Z, I might have seen you, so let me know! Also, let me know if you liked these pictures, Thanks for stopping by :)


That norwind 777 is the CEO of centrelines

Nice pics btw


Haha thanks :)

Cool Pics enjoyed looking at them

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Thank you!

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Nice pics :)

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Nice pics!

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Great pics! 🤩

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