Spotting at LSZH 20/02/20

Hello IFC,
I have already shared some pictures a couple of days ago, this here is load number 2.
I had the luck yesterday, that a storm was over Zurich Airport and the runways have been changed. Normally, you can’t see landing airplanes at Zurich, but due to the wind I was able to get a few pics yesterday.
(I am not good at editing so all the pictures below are unedited)

Picture 1:
Here you can see an ERJ190 touching down with gusting winds. Helvetic Airways is a part of SWISS and has recently bought the new ERJ190-2.

Picture 2:
The flagship of SWISS is the B777. Here you can see HB-JND shortly before touchdown. I think the wing flex is simply beautiful.

Picture 3:
Recently, I have done an airport tour and I have learnt, that an airplane is leaving 150 grams of tire on the runway. You can see those 150 grams in a couple of seconds in form of smoke, when 300 tons are landing with high speed.

Picture 4:
The wale is a daily visitor in Zurich. Emirates serves the route Dubai-Zurich twice daily. This is the biggest commercial airplane shortly before its departure to Dubai.

Picture 5:
SWISS newest airplanes in its fleet is the A220. It is a beautiful, modern airplane with huge windows.

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it.


Great shots! Good job!

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Great pictures from one of the best airports out there! Love the SWISS livery!

Very well done, thanks for sharing!

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That Swiss 777 (2nd pic) is just spot on. Wing flex, gear tilt, the other rwy!

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Thank you very much

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Yeah i love the wingflex and the tilted gear. I hope to see those two things soon in IF.

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