Spotting at London Heathrow

Currently at London heathrow terminal 5, more pictures will be posted when taking of.

(Bottom picture is Emirates A380) will be taking of soon!


By the way, we took off on the B787-9 dreamliner, hence why the wings look so beautiful and there is different window lighting!


I like the last one. It’s cool how you caught the A380 through that window!


Yep, I heard a rumble then all of a sudden I saw this massive plane taking off, first time I’ve seen an A380 in real life! :)


Nice. Same sight I had on Wednesday!


Come to JFK and the only thing you’ll see are A380’s. 😂


Gate opens in 10 minutes, hopefully I’ll get some photos of a variety of some American airlines, I saw a delta 767 when we landed and a BA 747 but we were taxiing so quick I missed the chance to get a photo :(

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Will be taking of from JFK next Tuesday, taxiing from terminal 8.

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A830? I thought they were A380?

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Don’t you know it’s the brand new aircraft just rolled out ;)


Lol, type 0:-) Thanks for letting me know:-)

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We just made it to our gate and we will be flying to New York on the 787-9 BA ! Very excited :) Saw a Delta 767 takeoff from runway 27R and a BA 747. Didn’t get a chance to take any photos because we were going up the escalator :(

OMG I literally did some spotting at that exact spot of T5 a few weeks ago!

Good Luck for your trip!

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