Spotting at London Heathrow (1 year ago)

I took these last year. All were on final (runway 27L) at London Heathrow, taken at Myrtle Avenue in one session.

  1. Air Astana Boeing 757-2G5 (P4-GAS)

  2. Royal Jordanian Boeing 787-8 (JY-BAA)

  3. Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 747-4 (OO-THC)

  4. Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330-343X (G-VUFO)

  5. British Airways Boeing 767-336ER (G-BZHA)

  6. Oneworld Japan Airlines Boeing 777-346ER (9JA732J)

  7. Biman Bangladesh Airlines Boeing 777-3E9ER (S2-AFO)

  8. Air France Airbus A319-111 (F-GRXD)

  9. All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-381ER (JA792A)

  10. KLM Boeing 737-7K2 (PH-BGU)


Great pictures! Why have you been keeping these incredible photos from us for so long?


Wow! The Emirates B747 and the British B767 are stunning! Keep it up!


Wow great shots! RIP the BA 767

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Wow the Emerites Cargo is amazing 👍🏽😆

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We got some nice combinations of liveries here

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OO, that Emirates SkyCargo is THiCc

Great pictures!

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Thanks! There are quite a few of them on some older USB sticks and every now again it’s nice to pull them out and have a browse. Would like to get back up there before Winter kicks in :-)

Royal Jordanian! I love their livery it’s one of my favorites. Amazing shots!


Heathrow is a great place to spot! It’s interesting watching the world go by… No literally.

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Cheers dude. Was good to get a snap of the BA 767 before the livery is stripped and it spends its remaining life shifting cargo around the place.

Nice pics!

I have the same EK 744 lol

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