Spotting at London City

Last summer, I took a trip to London, and yesterday I found some photos I took while spotting at EGlC and figured I share some with y’all!

Airport: London City
Server: Solo
Time: Various

First off, we got a Swiss A220-300 departing for Zurich as the sun sets

Next is this LuxAir Q400 going to Luxembourg

LOT E175 going around after a Tail Strike and 25 knot cross winds

British Airways Baby Bus departing for Shannon Ireland and on to New York City

BA cityFlyer taking off for it 4 hr journey to Skiathos Greece

Another BA CityFlyer, departing over head for Glasgow

Air France A319 from Paris to London Heathrow Diverting because of a crash at Heathrow

Lufthansa A340-600 flying over head from Denver to Munich

KLM E175 approaching a 5 mile final after it’s 30 minute flight from Amsterdam

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Choose where I go spotting next

  • Sacramento
  • Seattle
  • Sydney Kingsford
  • New Orleans

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Nice pictures! I get to see planes departing from EGLC IRL on an almost daily basis when I’m out on my walk (from a couple miles away though)…

Have a great rest of your day


??? what, the crash at london

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@IF_California im surprised you didn’t hear

i mean the flight was to manchester… what does LHR have to do with this

In IF or IRL?

@PhorzaSky just in IF

I need more Swiss boing boing 🛫🛬🛫🛬

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@Generic_Flyer your wish is my command

Where you at buddy

I got a picture of your favorite plane

My 2nd* favourite. I absolutely loved flying the A340 when I could!

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New Orleans won the poll so that will be my next spotting topic


Umm i think he meant the uhh


Nah, he wouldn’t be that stupid, would he?

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@AvioesEJogos your underestimating my stupidity fyi


I mean… were you talking about the A220?