Spotting at Loins Gate Park in Belgrade MT on August 14th 2021

Been a while since I’ve posted a spotting topic here on the IFC. Here’s a few pictures from over the summer at my favorite spot at BZN.

First up is a Challenger 350 landing on runway 12.
Next is a United Airlines A319 old vs new

After that is a United E175.

After that is a Sun Country 737-800.

Next is American Airlines 737-800.

After that is a few pictures of SWA Colorado One with a few other airlines, including JetBlue and Alaska.

  • Challenger 350
  • United Airlines A319 old
  • United Airlines A319 new
  • United E175
  • Sun Country 737
  • American Airlines 737
  • Colorado One/Alaska
  • Colorado One/JetBlue

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Thank you for looking at my pictures and have a wonderful day!


i didnt know jetblue served serbia

good pictures btw

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Awesome shots! Love the new United livery on the A319. Looks great on every one of their aircraft though.

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Lots of spotting topics today, great pictures! I like the United A319

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Belgrade Montana is right next to the Bozeman Airport. lol Thanks tho!

Thank you! United’s new livery is definitely on of my favorites!

Thank you!


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