Spotting at Little Rock National Airport

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Nice photos! I especially like the Southwest 737.

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Thank you. These were taken with my IPhone 5 so the quality isn’t that good. More to follow

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If you can, you should so some spotting at MEM. Amazing photos!

I would love to. Only problem is it’s two and a half hours away and it’s not worth the trip for me

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Neat pics.

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“Little” is the key word. This is a pretty small airport.

Small isn’t always bad though :)

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Small? Um we are a Class C airport. There is ALOT more going on here than you think. We have some of the most advanced approaches that not even KLAX or KJFK has so

Lol. Small. Your profile says your 13 year old pilot. I would learn your classes of airspace before commenting on a “small” airport. I happen to live in a “small” state so it would make sense.

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Ah, i may spot there one day (bit far)

Where? Little Rock or Memphis

Guys, guys. Don’t take my post too seriously. Just made a “little” joke, that’s all.
(pun totally intended)

Where? Little Rock or Memphis or some other place

Guys guys, quit with the ‘you’re 13 so I can’t take you seriously’ thing. You’ll be surprised who’s younger than you think around here.

It was just a failed attempt at humor that was hurtless.

Memphis intl. Its closer to me than little rock.

Oh okay. I would love to spot there with all of the FedEx airplanes

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Ah nice. I’m not to far from Memphis myself

Maybe we should meet up and do it :P (so close to getting my license, gonna do driving school first for cheaper insurance).

I will Dm you along with @N1DG